Four Writing YouTubers You Should be Watching

I watch lots of YouTubes. Makeup reviews, productivity…hell, sometimes I end up watching people clean their houses. But one of my favorite categories to watch is writing. For whatever reason, the bulk of writers I’ve come across on YouTube work in the Young Adult Genre, but their advice on story structure, character development, marketing and more is relevant for virtually any fiction writer.

Kristen Martin. I look forward to these blogs every week (normally twice a week!) She’s super productive and organized. Kristen has a Girlboss vibe, which I’m always a big fan of. She talks a lot about the business of writing and how to fit writing into your busy day. She also offers a webinar series, provides critiquing services and hosts a blog.

Rachel Stephen. She’s an endearing Scottish writer/barista. Rachel has lots of good info on story structure, outlining, etc. If you are planning to participate in NaNoWriMo, don’t miss her Preptober series. She would be my number one if she posted more consistently.

Jenna Moreci. Irreverent and knowledgeable, Jenna is loaded with expertise on all aspects of writing and marketing, but she is particularly strong on topics like character development and worldbuilding. Listen with earbuds if there are little ears around because she’s as generous with f-bombs as she is with advice.

Vivian Reis. Vivian is particularly helpful when it comes to goal setting strategies and she provides some really thorough scrivener tutorials. She’s got an engaging, approachable presentation. Vivian is another one I wish would post more frequently.

One feature I’d love to see from these YouTubers and many others is a “Just found me? Here’s where to start” playlist.

Do you watch writers on YouTube? Who are your favorites?

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